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Season - Autumn

‘How to use rootgrow in the 4 seasons’

Traditionally Autumn is the time to plant bare root trees, hedging, fruit and roses. While the soil is still warm from the summer sun now is the ideal time to get these types of plants into the ground. Mycorrhizal fungi will ensure the plant establishes well over winter and be ready to grow away vigorously in the spring.

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Autumn is also the ideal time to move many plants and divide herbaceous perennials. rootgrow helps to ensure moved plants settle into their new location as the friendly fungi creates a living buffer between the plant and the new soil giving it a chance to establish. Rootgrow can also help with dividing and replanting Herbaceous Perennials as the friendly fungi colonises area’s where the plant has been damaged by the division.Function: Links to left hand home page info tabs GYO, B/R, Empathy, lawns, roses and Trees and shrubs

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