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Cash & Carry

Many leading UK Cash and Carry’s have been offering RGP as part of a relevant and diverse range of sundry products truly enabling them to be a one stop shop and meet the needs of their diverse client base.

From simply retailing rootgrow Professional with plants to offering a dipping service for all bare root plants during the season, RGP can be an effective way to maximise profits and increase add on sales for Cash & Carry’s.

PlantWorks also offers a very popular and unique quotation service for any planting specification the Cash and Carry may be bidding on, to take the headache out of calculating mycorrhizal fungi application rates and methods.

rootgrow™ Professional UK origin mycorrhizal fungi (RGP)

At PlantWorks we are not just a re-seller of products, we cultivate, produce, process and package all our mycorrhizal inoculum to exacting standards at our facility in Kent. We remain the only producer of mycorrhizal fungi n the UK with a team of dedicated professionals in mycology.

PlantWorks can offer a comprehensive support package to all professionals. Please contact us using the link below for further information on how RGP could benefit, your plants and your business.

Bulk order discounts are available for RGP on request, please contact us for further information.


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