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Agriculture Range & Stockists

With the introduction of increasing regulation in fertigation and water usage in commercial horticulture and agriculture, PlantWorks has been approached increasingly to work in these disciplines and share our depth of knowledge in biologically active plant treatments.

Mycorrhizal associations are multi-functional, assisting the plants in nutrient acquisition, water uptake, mediating carbon transfer and help to protect roots from pathogens. Mycorrhizal fungi associate with more than 80% of all land plants and as such most commercial crop plants could benefit from treatment. To complement the mycorrhiza in promoting the growth, health and protection of plants, PlantWorks has been exploring the use of Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria (PGPR), which have the ability to increase nutrient availability in the soil, induce systemic resistance against abiotic and biotic stresses by competitively excluding rhizosphere pathogens. PGPR’s work in synergy with mycorrhizal fungi to further enhance sustainable agriculture.

PlantWorks have become recognised as world class experts in large scale production for AMF and have developed products, brands and distribution channels to promote the mass application of AMF in horticulture and agriculture in the UK and abroad. Our products can be bought through any of the companies listed here who have direct access to our Technical Support and Science Teams.



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