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Our Passion

We are passionate about growing, but more than this, we are dedicated to growing living, healthy soils for our clients and customers by seeding and encouraging the soil's natural fungi and bacteria that are crucial to healthy plant development.

For the urban backyard garden to multimillion pound landscaping projects, PlantWorks continues to innovate in the production of new products and treatment methods to offer a viable alternative to chemical interventions.

Over its ten year’s of trading, PlantWorks scientists and sales team have been instrumental in the introduction of the rootgrow UK origin mycorrhizal fungi range of products now sold throughout the UK and Europe. The company continues to develop its brand range with the introduction of the rootgrow Empathy range in 2011 that now embraces liquid seaweed products tuned to stimulate and encourage both the treated plants and the native soil microbes and bacteria.

PlantWorks' mission remains to offer the market a sustainable alternative to chemically derived planting treatments for those gardeners, landscapers and growers that desire to create a rich biologically active environment that will support plants for their entire lifetime. PlantWorks is the only UK based producer of mycorrhizal fungi and is commited to developing these, and other biological products, to the highest standards to support UK gardening, horticulture and agriculture.

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