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Supreme Green Lawn seed

The first step to a perfect lawn

Supreme Green is suitable for creating new lawns or patch repair and over seeding existing lawns. The combination of top quality grass seed and rootgrow™ will create a lawn of excellent quality with all the added benefits we are familiar with from the mycorrhizal fungi.

The addition of rootgrow™ will assist the young grass to build an extensive and robust root system and kick start the network of beneficial fungi and bacteria that is so essential for a healthy soil.

Supreme Green is supplied in high quality 1Kg bags with carry handle. Coverage is 40sqm for patch and repair and 28sqm for new lawns.

We recommend Empathy Lawn feed seaweed stimulant as a perfect way to enhance the action of the mycorrhizal fungi in the soil, These products work together in a synergistic way to nurture and feed the life in our soils and subsequently the plants themselves.

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