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Grow Your Own

Boost your roots with rootgrow

Many people find using rootgrow on all their fruit and vegetables (except Brassica’s) an essential starting point to successfully Grow Your Own (GYO). You can treat any size of plant with rootgrow from mixing a couple of teaspoons into the compost of a seed tray to a treating a whole orchard of new apple trees.

All plants have roots so all plants will benefit from rootgrow, especially fruit and vegetables ,as they tend to be more demanding plants to produce abundant harvests.

The speed the mycorrhizal fungi colonises a plants roots and grows onto explore a much greater volume of soils, compared to the plants own roots , is key to their success. They will hold onto water and take up a far greater amount of nutrients, feeding your plants for their lifetime.

The rootgrow empathy range of seaweed stimulants and fertilisers are a perfect way to work in harmony with what the friendly mycorrhizal fungi are achieving, helping to nurture and feed the life in our soils and subsequently the plants themselves. The rootgrow Empathy GYO liquid feed is especially formulated for nurturing all your fruit and vegetables.

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