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Bare Root Trees and Hedging

The best start possible for bare root plants

There is probably not one single other group of plants that will benefit more from mycorrhizal fungi than bare root hedging and trees.

The reason behind this is simple, a bare root plant has been lifted from a growing field and has had its roots pruned down to a fraction of their original size, rootgrow mycorrhizal fungi redresses this balance very quickly as the fungal root grows so much faster than the plants own root This gives the plant access to nutrients and water in the soil very quickly guaranteeing good establishment and significant early growth .

It is in the specific case of planting bare root trees that the Royal Horticultural Society recommends the use of rootgrow based on over a decade of experience in using rootgrow and seeing the benefits.

Don’t forget to ask for rootgrow when you next buy bare root hedging or trees.

If your retailer cannot supply you with rootgrow because they are not currently a stockist and have never stocked rootgrow before, then why not send us their full contact details and once they place their first order with us we will post you a pouch of rootgrow FREE.

Please see our store finder for a list of online and local bare root plant retailers.

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